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DH Bangladesh provides you a world class webdesign & IT service. Our strategy is to efficiently convey our service to our client, without keeping a space between business and technology. DH Bangladesh has an innovative and practical set of methodologies that will cater your need precisely. Our company is powered with highly inspired, creative, talented and dedicated professionals who are willing to put their all strengths in pursuit of professional objectives. We respect, admire and love the aptitude of our team members and motivate individuals to think outside the boundary. This makes our work environment lively and creative and eventually leads to greater innovations. Client satisfaction is on the highest priority of our business.


  • Incomparable Customer Service
  • Custom Web Development Approach
  • Fair Price
  • Effective Project Execution Process
  • Information Management Systems
  • Dedicated Service

DH BANGLADESH is a registered company in Sweden established in 2004. It was first established in northern Sweden (Luleå) with a view to establish a relation between Sweden based Indian sub-continental Diasporas and their product & services. The founder of DH BANGLADESH started his dream to serve Diaspora group. Since Diasporas have strong emotional feeling and cultural & economic interactions between home and abroad, DH BANGLADESH sincerely tries to strengthen these feeling & connection through certain products & services. By all our means we try to provide these Diasporas the feeling and emotion of home. The name 'DH' has been chosen from the name of the founder's grand father Mr. DELWAR HOSSAIN of Moulovirchar, Faridpur, Bangladesh.

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